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84 ha of land with a view of the Atilan sea and volcanos

84 ha of hilly property with a beautiful, high plateau, a tropical forest, arable land, a plantation with famous highland coffee and 2 fresh water wells. A mystic, spiritual place with unaffected nature and a breathtaking view of the Atitlán sea and the ...

Numéro d´objet: PCR0007
Chambres: 0
Espace vital :
Taille de la propriété: 84.000m²
Emplacement: Gesamtgebiet(GCA) Guatemala

Prix : 1.150.000,00 € ~ 1.015.910,00 £ ~ 1.411.740,00 $
Prix de vente plus 3.57% la commission de l´agence (TVA comprise) pour l´acheteur,
Toutes indiquations de superficie sont des informations approximatives. Toutes informations sans garanties. Demander l´exposé
Sie können der Verwendung Ihrer Emailadresse jederzeit widersprechen,
ohne dass hierfür andere als die Übermittlungskosten nach den Basistarifen entstehen.

... surrounding volcanos and with clear weather, one can even see the Pacific ocean. The outstanding location and nearness to Panajachel (tourist city with good infrastructure), the paradise-like climate and the abundance of the peaceful indigenous population gives Xetulul not only a particularly delightful atmosphere, but also a practical business base. From Sololà to Conceptíon is an access road that goes past the untouched center of TOOMRA, and then leads up to the property. The electric supply is also protected. Fundamental conditions of the management are fulfilled and give the land a special character with all possibilities, from a quiet retreat up to diverse professional uses. Flat property: The property is 84 ha (207 acres) which appear in different forms. One unique part of the surface and the view is the big plateau (approx. 21 ha / 51 acres). After Panajachel it drops steeply and is rocky. On the right it is limited by an avenue of trees over the tropical covered hill. This flat area, which grows more steep towards the back (direction of the street to Conception), is suitable for every sort of building. You could build several private houses or a whole hotel complex (Wellness Center, Spa, Beauty farm, etc). The purchase of this property is a real investment for the future. Infrastructure: With the expansion of the Finca directly to Panajachel, everything that one needs for infrastructure is offered including both services and facilities for business and private living. The city of Panajachel is loved by Guatemalans, Americans, Europeans, and all people who see it. The mediterranean climate underlines the loveliness of the town which spreads out in a wide triangle directly to the bluish green lake. The direct connection to the Finca in this beautiful place is a peculiarity which increases the value enormously. Finca Xetulul is a rare offer which is not often seen in this size and beauty in the area of the Atitlan sea. Coffee plantation: For the moment there are 1,7 ha (4,2 acres) Planted with coffee trees. At this altitude (Approx. 2000 m) the best highland coffee can be harvested. In terms of commercial use there is enough room to extend the plantation to a large profit. In theory one could also add approx. 50 ha of new coffee plants. 2 fresh water wells are on the property as well. The plumbing and electricity connections exist to the border of the property. Nature: A mixture of assorted vegetation makes the property a great place to use as a nature retreat (e.g. Beauty farm) for stressed guests who want to get away. Nature and peace are always a great investment for the future. The breathtaking view of the whole Atitlan lake with its impressive volcanos are what makes this property amazing.

Location Near to: Panajachel and Solola, orientation: south, location: town border, hilly, view: sea view
Utilities Water well
Condition Ready for occupancy

Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
Immobilier  - Gesamtgebiet(GCA) - PCR0007
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