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Three Einfamilien-ReihenhÐ"user in exclusiver BauausfЭhrung

Construction description fЭr a row house (эbersetzung from the Italian)Special construction work: Construction of three Einfamilien-ReihenhÐ"user inVia di San MicheleDescription of the works: Provisory of the regulations thisBaumaÑSnahme is the realisation ...

Numéro d´objet: N27360001
Chambres: 6
Espace vital : 145,00m²
Taille de la propriété: 280,00m²
Emplacement: Cagliari(I) Italie

Prix : 329.000,00 € ~ 287.809,00 £ ~ 385.851,00 $
Prix de vente plus 5,95% la commission de l´agence (TVA comprise) pour l´acheteur,***
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... of a complex of threeFlats in the exclusive residential destination, they a country inSanta Mariedda in the city of Olbia removes beschÐ"ftigen becomes,known in the cadastral management sheet 29, 3544 of map andfalling CR.7 in the area the detailed plan of the StadtentwÐ"sserungNo.8 â""Santa Mariedda âO , in particular plumb line. 51 the planthe rehabilitation.The project already became from Suap prot.85471 from 9/28/2010admitted. The whole LandflÐ"che of the part are 828 square metresgroÑS and develops a maximum volume of 804.60buildable cubic metres. The situation of the country is nearly level, witha light trend in the LÐ"ngsrichtung of the StraÑSe. The KÐ-rperthe GebÐ"ude has two floors and a basement.Der GebÐ"udekomplex exists of three unabhÐ"ngigen residential unitieswith in each case own entrance and FuÑSgÐ"ngerzugang andEntrance to the underground parking.The residential unities are at two levels, a ground floor with:Hall, sitting room, KЭche, bedroom and bath, in the AuÑSenbereichis Эberdachte porch of wood with monolithsfrom granite with a FlÐ"che of 10 square metres â.¡.In the first floor are: two bedrooms and oneBathroom, externally, a groÑSe wooden porch with granite monolithsfrom 15 square metres â.¡.The cellar area becomes in a local garage with 38 square metres â.¡ and oneMehrzweckraum of 30 square metres â.¡ split. LЭftungsschlitzen fЭrZwangsbelЭftung and lighting are put to the VerfЭgung.A direct connection with stair in the upper floorsexists.Earthworks and demolition work digging out of excavations withHelp of mechanical means like excavator durchgefЭhrt.Structure and basis structure with the HaupttrÐ"ger andStahlbetonstЭtzen as well as StЭtzwÐ"nde fЭr the cellar become withwatertight ferro-concrete as well as ferro-concrete foundation ausgefЭhrt.The ground of the cellar becomes from precast bowls andTank ausgefЭhrt and with жffnungen from 50 cm with pipes,by the foundation beams belЭftet.Horizontal floors in the ground floor and roof area with brickschrÐ"g to thick ferro-concrete ausgefЭhrt. 16 +4 kerbstones as a view circulationthe roof roofing.Creepable attic, ImprÐ"gnierung and DÐ"mmung-isolationfrom capillary desire and impetus of the water by the applicationfrom benthischen scabbard mat and joints, themselves on concrete onesStructures of the foundation of the HÐ-he are raised.Sealing of the WÐ"nde against the surface of the earth by the usefrom elasto-verstÐ"rktem Schaften, with the darЭber lying onesLayer schЭtzenden Anti-Wurzel-Mantem down.Sealing of the cellar area against Kriechwasser by himApplication of formwork to Polyethylen type MINIMODULO.WÐ"rmedÐ"mmung of AuÑSenwÐ"nden with Ausmauerung with 8cm Schall-/WÐ"rmedÐ"mmung by the application from layerElastic material (type â""poligran âO ) MindeststÐ"rke of 5 mm perMatt and vertical TrennwÐ"nde 3 mm fЭr covers and BÐ-denreaches.Roofing tile of the roof type â""possanio âO  with tile deck kindaged.Sealing coat to the groÑSen wall against capillary humidityor use more together metonymische.EntwÐ"sserung and rainwater, becomes by a system fromKanÐ"len and channels auÑSerhalb of the limitation from more suitableGrÐ-ÑSe reaches. - The SÐ"ulen and beams become with HolzvertÐ"felungand mineralisierten are lined 2 cm thick.Sealing and DÐ"mmung of the roof record Extrados Recordtilted by Regularisierung and use of the followingMaterials: Steam barrier with nylon type Pirelli.Panel with polyurethane or polystyrene-hard foam LattengrÐ-ÑSefrom 5 cm. In эbereinstimmung with the valid regulationsin the area of the energy conservation. Cement screed with Mesh-Upper material 3 cm of galvanised cover with Primer or bitumenoxidises.Sealing with a layer of glasfaserverstÐ"rktem polyesterCoat thickness with 4 mm. The AuÑSenwÐ"nde become with PAR I I IIon buffering AuÑSenmauerwerk by the use fromwÐ"rmeisolierenden block â""Poroton âO  with 28-cm-thick ausgefЭhrt.The inside divisions of bricks from 8-cm-thick TrennwÐ"ndebetween the unities made - pass of two 12 + 8 cmBrick with Thermo SchalldÐ"mmungs-TrennwÐ"nden betweenthe neighbouring GÐ"rten in BlÐ-cken of 20-cm-thickly concrete of herit is plastered.The concrete stone as vollstÐ"ndige Umfriedung of the GrundstЭcks with20-cm-thick WÐ"nde and at the same time as a fence serve, is plastered.Covers from coarse granite with granite cap.The works plaster, paintings of the FINITUTA-interior plasterbecomes by the application of SpezialausrЭstung with lime and cementpremixed and with two layers of Finishing in oneLeast thickness of 3 cm angrily of The AuÑSenputz is premixed or with coloured finishfratazzata and with a trowel applied. Coarse creation fromMarken-FensterbÐ"nken and StЭrzen of the sardischen granite â""YellowPearl Grey San Giacomo or gehÐ"mmert.Construction of the encirclement for the protection of GelÐ"ndern and limitation wallswith sardischen granite records like â""Pearl Gigio âO Thresholds of windows and TЭren in the sardischen granite recordsâ""Yellow or Grey Pearl Saint James â"O3 cm thick. Cover fЭrTerrace concrete Bogentraversen, DÐ"mmung and roofing tile are.External mural painting in colour on water base from quartz, weatherproofly,waterproof anti-mould. Internal painting with colouron water base or semilavabile washably,Anti-mould, cellular, colorfully made of the manufacturerIRON WORKS-production of galvanised iron GelÐ"nder mountsand decorates, in the NÐ"he of the input wall.Entrance gate of galvanised iron. - The underground parking entranceto the garage it is motorised. Window and TЭren with frame,TerrassentЭren with a PVC-RolllÐ"den ausgefЭhrt.The wood of the windows exists from â""Meranti âO  or â""Mahagoni âO ,To cherry or mahogany with isolating double glazing andShatterproof glass in breakproof AusfЭhrung, completely with ZubehÐ-r,PVC-RolllÐ"den in wooden optics.HolzgetÐ"felten InnentЭren (main frame in massive wood, TЭrblÐ"tterin veneer, in the AusfЭhrung in mahogany, completely withTЭrgriffe and ZubehÐ-r.SicherheitsverstÐ"rkte armoured TЭren with castle of the EuropÐ"ischeUnion.Inside: BodenbelÐ"ge tiles in fine stone stuff, 30x30 or 33x33high BestÐ"ndigkeit PEI 4. External BodenbelÐ"ge tiles in fine stone stuffAnti slide, 30x30, high BestÐ"ndigkeit PEI 5.AuÑSen: Garden paths in different GrÐ-ÑSen of raw stoneSignal box concrete UnterstЭtzung or sandy bed coatingsfrom single-burnt tiles in BÐ"dern or twice burnt onesCeramics glaze glÐ"nzend in the GrÐ-ÑSen 10x10, 20x20,25x25 porcelain polishes flagstones.Coating of the WÐ"nde of the single burnt or twiceto burnt tiles in KЭche 10x10 or 15x15.GerÐ"te and ZubehÐ-r-SanitÐ"re toilet washbasins and bidet in glass ceramics,Colour: weiÑS, shower tubs from glazed ceramics,Colour: weiÑS. Armatures in chrome steel, completely with ZubehÐ-r,DuschkÐ-pfe and drain system of the brand Silos ceramic bakers,these are to very best brands at the market. FЭr the summer- Air-conditioning with heating system.UnabhÐ"ngige heating, extensively: a gas boilerOf type, with interval timer with enforced StrÐ-mung of the WÐ"rmetauscherfЭr the momentary achievement of the heating waters and hot waterProduction with a nЭtzlichen achievement from no lessas 24 kW; gas from the inlet to to the kettle, FuÑSboden-Distribution, with Sammler-Box-GehÐ"use with TЭr, coatsTo copper pipes and isolates with a minimum diameter200 mm, Aluminium-Strahlungs-HeizkÐ-rper, control bySpace thermostat, cable fЭr the connection of the heating and thisThermostat.Gas installation fЭr the KЭche fЭr own gas range from Polyethylenhigh thick pipe from HDPE, UNIVERSITY ISO in 4437 type 316 S8,if distribution pipelines correspond to the gЭltigen legislations fЭr fuel gasdug, valves d â"OKlappen PN16 made.L. 10/91, ministerial decree 412/93 INST. 37/08.The electric debt collection fЭr residential purposes which exists hauptsÐ"chlichfrom: Protection and control Framework exists of protective counter25A, 10A and 20A magnet counter, transformer, fЭr ring system BT.Net part circuits in push pipes durchgefЭhrt PVCisolates sunk and under the title, consisting of 2 circlesto loads deliver up to 10A, a circuit fЭr energy providerto 20 A, the earth circuit,Circuit with low tension fЭr Channeling, phone arrangement,Channeling TV system and satellite system. Protective-isolatedPipes, IMQ certificates, PVC, built, Line cable, PVC-isolatedPipelines without coat with adaptable leaders, MindestflÐ"chedo not manage less than 1.5 mm â.¡ fЭr outlets andsingle users extent as 16 A, 2.5 mm â.¡ fЭr single outletsStream up to 16A and 4 mm â.¡ fЭr Backofen-KapazitÐ"t up to10 A, 6 mm â.¡ fЭr the oven and cooker up to 16A.Distributor boxes and distribution kreisfÐ-rmig or rectangular withLid, in the hold bolt, connections of lights,are produced by Centrally terminal or equally.Water and SanitÐ"r system fЭr bath and KЭche einschlieÑSlichthe distribution of the hot water and cold waters, completely with armaturesand disguising, conduits distributor from HDPE orPlywood, minimum diameter 12 mm â.¡; EntwÐ"sserungssystemfrom PVC pipe. At least 1500 litres of water tank.Supply of satellite arrangement and Video-TЭrsprechanlagewith phone system.The cellar area with TrennwÐ"nden gemÐ"ÑS drawing is delivered Three Einfamilien-ReihenhÐ"user in exclusiver BauausfЭhrungplus...

Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
Immobilier  - Cagliari(I) - maison d habitation
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