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Restored farmhouse with 100 hectares of land

The countryseat is 30 kms to the south of Pisa, embedded in the typical tuscanian hill landscape. The country home is approx. 7 kms from the sea with a delightful view of the islands Elbe, Capraia, Gorgona in front of the Etruscan coast.

100 ha of ...

Numéro d´objet: N1080110
Chambres: 9
Espace vital : 350,00m²
Taille de la propriété: 20.000,00m²
Emplacement - la région : Pisa(I) Italie

Prix : 760.000,00 € ~ 651.624,00 £ ~ 840.712,00 $
Prix de vente plus 3.57% la commission de l´agence (TVA comprise) pour l´acheteur,

... property belong to the house. The property divides itself within 12 ha of olive groves with 2000 olive-trees, 30 ha of pasture, and 58 ha of forest. The access road to the object is a 2 km long country road. Drinking water flows from a private spring which produces 18 liters / minute, even in the dry summer time. The water flows into two reservoirs with a total of 60 ' 000 liters. An automatic pump provides for enough pressure of 6 atmospheric pressures.

A ruin is on 100 ha, of which some pieces could be used, i.e. there is the possibility to construct a new building there.

The restored country house as two stories with a total of 350 m2 floor space. It is built in the typical tuscanian style. In the upper floor there are 2 bedrooms, a luxurious bathroom, a big kitchen / dining room, a rural fire-place room as well as a 50m2 sunning terrace with a seaview. In the ground floor there are 2 mini-apartments with bath / WC. The non-converted rooms have room for another 3 miniapartments with bath / WC. There is a building permit present for a garage, basement, stables, as well as the creation of a small pond, which would look beautiful in this country home.

There are the following purchase options: < / p > Purchase of the country house with 10 ha of property without ruin - EUR 710000 EUR.
Purchase of the country house with 20 ha of property without ruin - EUR 760000 EUR.
Purchase of the complete country house and ruin - EUR 1,1 Mil. Restored farmhouse with 100 hectares of landplus...

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