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Commercial and office building in Sochi (Russia)

For sale is a two-story commercial building with an attic and basement, built in 2004, located in the central part of Sochi, in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea. The first and second floors are equipped with office premises for commercial activities. ...

Objektnummer: PRUS0013
Zimmer: k.A.
Wohnfläche: k.A.
Grundstück: 813,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Gesamtgebiet(RUS) Russland

Preis: 814.479,00 € ~ 686.769,00 £ ~ 829.954,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 2,38% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

... On the attic floor there are four premises (equipped for hotel rooms), namely: one of the premise has three rooms, the second - two rooms, the other two premises have one room. Two premises have balconies with a beautiful view of the sea. The premises are comfortably landscaped for a full stay. Building characteristics: - Ground floor - without deepening, half is equipped for a garage for six cars, the second half - for an office. - Building area - 813.72 m2 (square meters)., including: - the ground floor area is 208.17 m2 (square meters); - the area of the second floor is 209.26 m2 (square meters); - the attic area is 193.82 m2 (square meters); - basement area - 202.47 m2 (square meters). The ceiling height of the premises located on the first and second floors is 2.9 m., the basement floor is 3.15 m, the attic is 3.00 m. All communications (electricity, water, heat, sewage, telephone) are fully operational. The building is located on a land plot with a total area of 329 m2 (square meters). The lease right for 49 years is issued, in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Factors of investment attractiveness: - Commercial premises are located in the central part of Sochi, in the immediate vicinity of the Black Sea. - Nearby is a bus stop, a grocery market, a school, a kindergarten, a sanatorium and a hospital. - Landscaped area around, the presence of numerous green areas nearby. - Excellent transport accessibility on any type of transport from anywhere in the city. - The building is fully ready for rental or further sale. - Ideal for the location of offices of companies such as Insurance Company, Bank, Beauty and Health Center, Massage Salon, various services and more. Features and advantages of the Russian Federation: - The largest country in the world, the area is 17 124 442 km² (square meters). - Russia is located simultaneously in Europe and in Asia. - The Russian Federation has borders with 16 states and this is the largest border in the world. - The country has 10 time zones, because it has a large length from West to East. - Russia has the largest reserves of natural gas, peat, wood, salt, drinking water, tin, zinc, titanium, niobium, nickel, iron ores, diamonds, silver. - The population is about 149 million people. Features and advantages of Sochi (Krasnodar region): - Sochi is the largest, most developed and most popular resort in Russia, also known in other countries. The main advantage of the city is the climate and the sea. - Located on the northeast coast of the Black Sea, at a distance of 1620 km. from Moscow. - Sochi was chosen as the capital of the Winter Olympic Games in 2014, due to which its investment potential has grown significantly. - The population is about 600 000 people, however, in fact, this number is more. - Sochi is the longest city in Russia and one of the longest in the world. - This is an all-season resort. In winter, tourists come to relax in the mountains (the main ski and mountain resort of the country), in the summer - at sea. - The investment component shows high dynamics over the past 7 years. Implementation and risks: - The owner of the property is a bank. - Commercial premises are on the balance sheet of the bank. - The object is sold without burdens. - The building is free from tenants and is protected. - Premise is fully ready for rent or further sale. - There are no risks, as financial resources are invested in a liquid asset and are provided with it. Price As a rule, property on the bank's balance sheet is sold at a price already lower than the market price.
Commercial and office building in Sochi (Russia)mehr...

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