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Beautiful & in sunny location - Holiday or Permanent !!

The flat/apartment is 100m2 (larger than many 3 bedroom houses). It is based in Nowy Sacz Southern Poland - a beautiful area of hills, rivers and forests, yet providing what a small city would offer. Great for winter or summer activities., and in an area of ...

Objektnummer: PPL0044
Zimmer: 9
Wohnfläche: 90,00m²
Grundstück: 100,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Kraków(PL) Polen

Preis: 69.000,00 € ~ 59.161,00 £ ~ 76.328,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3.57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

... high investment. Prices are rising. This is a full purchase/freehold. You will own the title deeds. You access the flat from a few external stairs (which makes it light, airy and much better than internal access stairs like some flats). The flat starts on the first floor. There is just one flat either side of it, which keeps it warm, lowers heating costs and adds to security. Below the flat is just an office so it is empty/quiet evenings, weekends, holidays etc. There is no flat above it, so adding to privacy, and no noise problems. It is just like being in a house, in fact, but being on the first floor means it is secure and could never get snowed in (if poland had a severe winter). Each month you pay a ´services charge´ - and that INCLUDES your water/hot water/gas, building maintence costs, snow clearing, refuge collection, etc. Also, don´t forget there is no other Community Charge or tax here (other than income tax), so that is all you would have to pay in bills except electricity and phone! Up to four bedrooms, with two toilets, and plenty of storage rooms, means that it is great for guests, letting, or families, holiday, permanent residency or investment. Outside parking is available at the front of the flat in a ´layby´ off the road, specifically for parking. The ´estate´ (Wólki) is a highly respected and sought after after attracting a lot of new business. It is near the city centre (Nowy Sacz) yet as if in the country, with fast road access to all major routes. EXTERNAL From the road looking at the flat you see the two balconies of the flat above one another, and the twin velux windows in the attic rooms. You enter the flat from the rear. It has a secure padded door to keep the flat warm. DOORS All internal doors are also new, hand made in light (real) wood and half-glazed. DECOR The entire flat has modern decoration and new plumbing, central heating, mixer taps, and is generally in neutral colors and light wood. PURCHASING I will provide assistance in purchasing this flat, which, with the correct paperwork can be completed in 2-3 days, by a local lawyer, together. I can advise you what is needed, and where to get the necessary paperwork. It is an easy and fast process for foreigners to buy flats in Poland. I can also provide local knowledge help, regarding shops, facilities, living in Nowy Sacz, translation too. Beautiful & in sunny location - Holiday or Permanent !!mehr...

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