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Unique Palace in Poland - Wroclaw/Polen

Debowy Palace- (Oak Palace) is located in a beautiful valley in the Karkonosze Mountains, on the edge of Karpniki village. Kotlina Jeleniogórska where Karpniki are located, together with surrounding mountains Karkonosze, Izerskie, Rudawy Janowickie, and ...

Objektnummer: PPL0011
Zimmer: 30
Wohnfläche: 1.200,00m²
Grundstück: 10,00ha
Lage - Region/Kreis : Wroclaw(PL) Polen

Preis: 1.500.000,00 € ~ 1.287.900,00 £ ~ 1.616.700,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3.57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

... Kaczawskie Mountains, they are all fascinating with their unique climate, diversified landscape, rich fauna and flora. The beautiful, pure nature and enchanting landscape of Kotlina Jeleniogórska, but also the convenience in reaching the towns and health resorts nearby, just like Karpacz (6 km), Szklarska Porêba (35 km) or Cieplice (recreational area of Jelenia Góra, 9 km). Border crossing with Germany and the Czech Republic are in short distance, so foreign tourists often visit this area. But it is not only the short distance to the border crossings that makes this area of Poland attractive for lovers of skiing, hiking, gliding, and cycling. The area and neighbour cities provide the visitors with a wide range of hotels, natural and artificial ski paths (over 30 ski elevators), attractive cycling paths and one of most interesting places in Poland for rock climbing. The climate and topography of the area makes it one of the world´s three most attractive places for gliding and paragliding. Air chimneys that are created thanks to the unique conditions in Kotlina Jeleniogórska, allow gliders to achieve world´s top results in the height of flights, so called -diamonds- (over 5,000 m). That is why there are two airports here: in Je¿ów Sudecki on the Góra Szybowcowa (Gliding Mountain) and in Jelenia Góra where apart from glider small passenger aeroplanes may take off and land. The Oak Palace was built in 1875 in English style with some elements of Tyrolese design. In the inside, the palace has been preserved in perfect condition. Paintings with hunting scenes are really impressive. On the walls covered with tapestry we can see hunting scene with horses and dogs, portrait of St. Hubertus, shadow of the Ghost of the Mountains - all the paintings are full of colours and really capture your attention. There are also renovated fancy stained-glass windows, as colourful as the paintings on the walls. The inside of the palace is finished with patterned wooden floors (oak wood), ceilings of mosaic, beam framed floors, rounded railings, and door fixtures of brass. Most of the elements in the palace have been already renovated and well preserved. The palace and park in Karpniki combines dignity, harmony and beauty. Its most significant feature is the fact that it is a place where you can feel great and will gladly came back to. Technical data: Usable surface of the palace: 800 sq. m (8 608 sq. feet) Usable surface of the barns: 200 sq. m + the attic (2 152 sq. feet) Total surface of the park: 10 ha (ca. 25 acres)
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