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Flat for sale in Lake Como with a panoramic view

Flat for sale in Lake Como - Como city centre - with a panoramic view Fifth floor, sun from 8:00 a.m. till 4 p.m. One room of 18 square meters, another of 14 square meters (excluding walls). Kitchen and bathroom and aisle. The points of strenghts of this flat ...

Objektnummer: PI0401
Zimmer: 2
Wohnfläche: 63,00m²
Grundstück: 65,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Como(I) Italien

Preis: 210.000,00 € ~ 184.779,00 £ ~ 228.816,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3,57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

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... are the view (fifth floor, no block of flat for chilometres, fresh clean air) and the position (supermarkets, city centre, city council, kindergarten, schools, parkings, are all a few steps away) Come for a visit and you will discover that this flat is worth every cent. The renovation was performed in 2016 and 2017, I have the certification for the electrical system, hydraulic system/plumbing, doors and windows/joinery. The renovation was performed to last for 50 years and beyond. 94.91 kWh/m2 per year, you don´t need to use any heating, the flat stays warm naturally. Indeed, the flat area corresponds to 11 out of 1000 of the area of the block of flat, but the expenses are computed as if the flat was only 5 out of 1000 large (the flat keeps the heat). There is no air conditioner, but the plumbing has been deploy, so you just need to hang one or two devices at your wish The flat comes with all the furnitures (only the kitchen has cost 7 500 euros) Two balconies (6 square metres). A cellar I´m available to receive not the full price all together, but to spread the 21 660 tax reduction over 6 yearly payments. If you buy the property within December 2020 you will enjoy further 3806 euros of tax deduction for your 2020 personal income. If you let me stay till April 2021, I can reduce the selling price of 4 thousand euros (an hypothetical rent of 800 euro a month).
Flat for sale in Lake Como with a panoramic viewmehr... 22100 Como, Via Napo Torriani, in Lake Como - Como city centre - with a panoramic view

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Immobilien  - Como(I) - Wohnung kaufen
Immobilien  - Como(I) - Wohnung kaufen

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