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Italy Piedmont Langa restored stone house This property offers a panoramic view from a hill in the South of Piedmont around 12 km from Asti, The house presents the typical style of Piedmont rural manor houses, having been built in the beginning of the ...

Objektnummer: PI0262
Zimmer: 11
Wohnfläche: 600,00m²
Grundstück: 20.000,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Asti(I) Italien

Preis: 480.000,00 € ~ 411.552,00 £ ~ 530.976,00 $

... 19th century and solely from the natural local stone. The house's 11 rooms, 600 square meters, rise 3 stories high. In the 1990ies the house underwent complete restoration, with care taken not to touch upon its originality and basic architecture. The House is surrounded by 20.000 square meters: some vineyards, greens and threes. Without any formal problems a swimming pool can be built nearby. The house is ready for moving in. For more information call Italy +39 335 5490 440 or please email to Italy Piedmont Langa restored stone housemehr...

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