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Hotel - Brindisi/Italien

The HOTEL is strategically located about one kilometer from the town centre, in close proximity to numerous tourist places and to the Adriatic and Ionian seaside resorts.
The hotel structure, situated in a hilly area and in a big park of 13.329 square ...

Objektnummer: PI0040
Zimmer: 16
Wohnfläche: 1.450,00m²
Grundstück: 13.329,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Brindisi(I) Italien

Preis: 3.200.000,00 € ~ 2.705.280,00 £ ~ 3.268.480,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3.57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

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... metres, is made up of an architectural unit, which dates back to the end of the XIX century, but totally restructured in 1911. This villa with its park and a considerable piece of land has been approved for future extensions by the City Council.

The four star hotel was inaugurated in 1990, after being restored to its original style. In 1999 it was modernized in order to meet hotel industry standards.
From an organizational and functional point of view, the hotel expands into four floors. Only the 3rd and the 4th ones are elevated compared to the ground level. They cover a total surface of about 1450 square metres.

They can be described in the following way:
- at the third level, situated on the ground floor, there are the hall, the reception, the director´s office, the TV room, a small room used either to serve breakfast or for reading as well as four hotel rooms, all fitted with bathrooms;

- from the hall, a scenic staircase with projecting steps dug in the rock leads to the lower level, the second one, where there are six rooms all fitted with bathrooms;

- finally, at the first level, it is located a big reception room, with a kitchen and a pantry, more than 230 square metres large, with no columns that views a facing square of about 800 square metres furnished, in summer, with tables and sun umbrellas for open-air refreshments.

The hotel complex is furnished with high quality furniture and equipment. The walls, the bathroom fixtures and fittings are in excellent conditions.
The furniture reflects the style of an old villa. There are no standard pieces of furniture, they are all made to measure.
The drapery is of best quality, too. The kitchen is well located and organized with the best, well-known makes of appliances.
It is equipped with every accessory necessary for the effective functioning of the restaurant which serves up to 350 people.
The reception room is equipped with tablelinen, tableware, chairs and tables, all of high quality.
The whole complex is supplied with good lightning and lamps of great value. All rooms are air-conditioned.
The 16 hotel rooms of the structure are all double and large enough to put a third or even a fourth bed. Each room has a TV set, a refrigerator, a telephone, a highly refined bathroom and a terrace or a balcony with a wonderful view.

The hotel complex also includes a storehouse of 130 square metres. It is located in a sheltered area and it is connected directly to the water-main, to the outfall sewer, and to the public telephone. It is supplied with a GPL heating system and with a water tank big enough to guarantee an abundant water supply in case of lack of water from the water-main.

The hotel has a large L-shaped swimming-pool with stairs lowering into the water on both sides. It is situated on a terracing which provides a scenic view of the pool through a resistant glass.
The swimming-pool, completely covered with high-quality tiles of Clinker-Shaire, has an anti-slip borders and the hotel logo drawn in the middle. It is equipped with a purification plant and a water circulation system that is situated in an appropriate and well-hidden room. The pool area also has a shower area and a large solarium protected by dry-stone walls and lawns which add to the beauty and functionality of the pool area.

There are 6711 square metres of land surrounding the hotel. It is fenced off by large walls and a net fence. Two service paths, leading to a large parking area and to a tree-lined drive, connect the hotel to the public road.

The land breaks down in various and articulating terracings with stairs lowering to a wide central square, through yards, terraces and communication trenches, all covered with limy flagstones and terracotta tiles.

The park-like setting is characterized by numerous century-old pines and holm-oaks. It is supplied with a decentralized system of irrigation, as well as a lighting system of great value. The hotel financial stability would be an excellent business venture for any interested party and would offer increased financial opportunities, if the extension project of the building, already approved by the City Council with the resolution n.68 of Oct.
25th, 1999, were realized. Such a project, in fact, allows right now the building of 20 more rooms and services on both the ground and the basement floors for a total of 1260 square metres (for a volume of 4905 cubic metres as it is shown by the plan which is possible to have, if requested).
This new building, detached from the old villa and positioned opposite the present entrance to the reception, would have an excellent position for a full use of the structures and services already in being. Hotelmehr...

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Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping
Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping
Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping
Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping
Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping
Immobilien  - Brindisi(I) - Gastronomie, Hotels, Camping

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