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River House - /Kroatien

Leisure House - Holiday House on River Mreznica - Croatia The house is on excellent location - next to the river Mreznica with the direct view and access to the river for swimming or kayaking. The house has been thoroughly reconstructed, a new roof ...

Objektnummer: PHR0213
Zimmer: 2
Wohnfläche: 90,00m²
Grundstück: 899,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : (HR) Kroatien

Preis: 205.000,00 € ~ 175.767,00 £ ~ 226.771,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3.57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

... construction, external and internal insulation of mineral wool, completely new installations of water, drainage and electricity. Mineral wool facade with silicone finishing plaster. Wood-aluminum windows with aluminum shutters and mosquito nets, oak parquet, Hörmann entrance door, interior doors made of oak veneer. Air conditioning with the possibility of control via wi-fi. Heating on radiators via stoves for central heating on pellets with the possibility of control via wifi. Video surveillance via wi-fi. Barbecue and outdoor solar shower in the yard. Close to shops and top restaurants. The house is 75km away from Zagreb and 50 m away from the state road D23 - Duga Resa (D3) - Josipdol - Senj (D8). The house is 87km away from the National Park Plitvice (Plitvička jezera) and 107km away from City of Rijeka . River Housemehr...

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