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Rubber plantation - partner wanted for commercial operation

Brazil Rubber plantation - partner wanted for commercial operation! THE PURCHASE PRICE IS $5.300.000,-!!! Offered is 49% of a 1,417.65 ha plantation. We are looking for a partner for the whole commercial operation and the development of the plantation. Half ...

Property number: PBR0050
Rooms: k.A.
Living space: k.A.
Property size: 1.417,00ha
Location - region : Goias(BR) Brazil

price: 5.300.000,00 € ~ 4.544.220,00 £ ~ 5.862.860,00 $
Salesprice plus 3,57% agency fee (incl. VAT) for the buyer.

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... of the plantation is already cultivated, the other half of the plantation is still fallow. There are several plots with rubber trees, with a rubber production. There is also a eucalyptus tree production, as well as a milk production with an average annual production of 1 million liters of milk per year. All distributors can be used. The company is looking for an investor who would like to manage the rest of the property in partnership with the current owner. For example, more rubber trees can be planted, or the milk production can be expanded. Further there are already first plans, for a 2-3 ha large solar park. Property 1 - Total area: 1.417,65 ha 2 - 250.000 planted and producing rubber trees 4 - Citrus Eucalyptus trees on over 105 ha 3 - General dairy cattle: Over 400 Dutch cows plus the milking barn equipment 5 - General facilities: Headquarters, machinery, warehouse The plantation is located in the province of Cachoeira Alta - Goiás. A good infrastructure is in place, all papers are in place. Rubber production 80,000 rubber trees with an age of 20 years, planted on 200 ha, with a total production of 600,000 kg per year and sold in 2019 at an average price of 2.50 USD / kg. (US $ 0.60 / kg.) 30,000 trees of 15 years old rubber trees planted on 60 ha, total production of 150,000 kg per year. In 2013, the newly planted area was 110 ha and 55,000 trees, which will start production in 2020. In 2014, new areas were planted with 90 ha and 45,000 trees. In 2015, 40 ha were planted with 20,000 rubber trees. Production of "eucalyptus trees" planted areas in 2010: 60 ha. In 2011, 40 ha were planted and in 2013 45 ha. In total, 145 ha have been planted so far. The production is 250 m³ of eucalyptus wood per ha. In 2014, 40ha were cut, with 10,000m3 of eucalyptus wood harvested, sold at an average price of USD 12.25/m³. Production of milk 400 Dutch cows. Average daily production of 3,000 liters of milk type "B". 1,000,000 liters per year. Sold at average price of 1.45 USD / liter. Raising cattle with 100 Nellore cows, with 50 calves of two years and 50 calves of one year. Location : Rubber plantation - partner wanted for commercial operationmore...

BR property in Goias(BR) - building plot
BR property in Goias(BR) - building plot
BR property in Goias(BR) - building plot
BR property in Goias(BR) - building plot
BR property in Goias(BR) - building plot
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