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Semi-detached house in Bosnia

The dream of owning your own home within reach. On offer is a property with a wide range of possible uses. Whether for the family or as security for the future. A dream home with little effort. The property impresses with its size, the associated usable space ...

Property number: PBIH0045
Rooms: 12
Living space: 360,00m²
Property size: 675,00m²
Location - region : Gesamtgebiet(BIH) Bosnia-Herzegovina

price: 138.000,00 € ~ 118.321,00 £ ~ 152.656,00 $
Salesprice plus 3.57% agency fee (incl. VAT) for the buyer.

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... and generally very good location, not too close and not too far away from the places where life takes place. Characterized by a quiet residential area and a safe neighbourhood, one is not dependent on a car. The connection to a highway is also quickly possible, as it is about 4 km away and you can also get from A to B quickly. The property can of course also be used commercially. Whether office, salon, practice or as a beautiful residential building (hostel), there are no limits to the possibilities. With not too much effort, the building can be tailored to almost all needs. Location : Republika Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina Semi-detached house in Bosniamore...

BIH property in Gesamtgebiet(BIH) - house
BIH property in Gesamtgebiet(BIH) - house
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