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Wonderful property with highest standard of lifestyle

400 year old masterfully restored building. The residence is nestled in privacy and security in the midst of vineyards and olive groves on the slopes of the hills in the typical Tuscan landscape.

The village of Cortona is renown for its cultural ...

Objektnummer: N1080088
Zimmer: 15
Wohnfläche: 1.300,00m²
Grundstück: 13.000,00m²
Lage - Region/Kreis : Arezzo(I) Italien

Preis: 4.000.000,00 € ~ 3.385.200,00 £ ~ 4.128.000,00 $
Verkaufspreis zzgl. 3.57% Maklerprovision (incl. MwSt.) für den Käufer.

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... highlights. Many art shows, conferences and meetings take place in Cortona. Therefore, many American families live here during the summer while their youngsters attend the University. Prominent family names like the -Angellis-, -Beretta-, -Ponti-. -Prada- and many others live in the environs of Cortona, which dates back to Etruscan times.
The airports of Florence, Pisa, Perugia (3400´ runway, altitude 360 meters) and Rome can be reached within 1 to 2 hours on a 4-lane highway, only a 15 minute drive away. History:
The medieval character of the property had to be maintained, yet the owners did not compromise on state of the art technology that was to be integrated in their dream home. Modern conveniences and stylish ambiance were combined in a harmonious symbiosis. In medieval rural Italy building sites were chosen according to special land features, sweeping views, water abundance or good energy flows. The site of this property transmits peace of the mind and the soul. Colors, sounds and rooms blend into a symphony of relaxation. Time seems to stand still.

The grounds and garden of this medieval property are something to behold! The present owners turned their dreams into reality and created individual environmental islands in an ocean of green.
Past this -island- you enter the front yard of the residence in which hundreds of years old glycine meander all over the front of the house and give it this fascinating romantic appeal. To your right among the flower beds is the 5 tier fountain that dominates the sound background of this -island-. The calming effect of the gently gurgling water and the songs of the birds is amazing. With the doors and windows open, this natural music can be heard in all front rooms of the house.

The rooms:
The entry hall features a wood burning fireplace and a loveseat in front of it. Off the entrance hall there is a closet-foyer with room-high closets and a full bathroom is to the left. The bathroom features wonderfully crafted tiles, the faucets are gold plated, there is a built-in medicine cabinet and a warmed towel rack.
Passing through the foyer you enter one of the sitting rooms. In-floor heat create a comfortable atmosphere. A French door leads outside to the front garden.
Past the sitting room you enter the open design kitchen-dining room area decorated with a stunning set of furniture. A glass door opens up to the front garden again and the sound of the fountain. The kitchen features all modern appliances.
From the sitting room an arched natural stone stairway with historical brick ceiling leads to the rooms on the first floor. When you reach the landing, there is a bathroom to the right with double sinks, bidet, toilet and a large corner shower.
To the left you enter the magnificent living room/library with an enormous open wood fireplace with an authentic iron hearth plate. From this room you have enchanting views over the valley. From this central room you enter the guest room which is lovingly decorated and further the dressing room with room-high built-in closets. -Him- and -Her- will find plenty of space for an extensive wardrobe.
The master bedroom with its vaulted ceiling has an unbelievable romantic flair about it. A glass door leads you to the terrace, which is overgrown with glycine. A small loft above the bedroom makes for a perfect library.
Attached to the main building is a guest cottage with a bathroom which is just as splendidly outfitted as the other bathrooms in the residence. There is a further addition to the building presently housing a studio, and an adjacent room, which could be another guest room. Both, the guest cottage and the studio have separate entrances.

The owners took utmost care to preserve privacy and security of the home. All windows and doors are unbreakable security glass. An alarm system is also in place and sensor lights illuminate the property upon the slightest movement. The narrow private country lane leads to the secluded home in this peaceful setting without any direct neighbors. A huge, massive, entrance gate leads first to the charming front patio with interlocking stones and a garden swing overlooking the valley and the surrounding hills.

- Property Size: Approximately 3.25 Acres
- Home Size: Approximately 4000 sqft.
- Water: 2 wells (drinking quality)
- Heating: Propane, 1200 gallon tank (5000 liters), secure underground installation, (hot water and in floor- heat). Propane cost approximately $2,000.-- per year. Also electric radiators.
- Road Maintenance: Free
- Housekeepers: Available (English, German and Italian speaking)
- Septic: Bio degradable
- Shopping: 10 Minutes away
- Major Hospital: 15 Km
- Equestrian Facilities: 3 Minutes, 30 horses
- Water Sports: 20 Minutes to Lake Trasimeno
- Golf: 20 Minutes away
- International Airport: Rome ( approximately 2 hours) Florence: approximately 1 hour

- Pricing: EURO 4.28 Million
- Including all furniture, art and antique collection.
Wonderful property with highest standard of lifestylemehr...

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Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen
Immobilien  - Arezzo(I) - Haus kaufen

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