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Living with surrounding views of the Pyrenees and the valleys, 55 min. from Toulouse.
This modern villa with stunning architectural design, is dominant on a hilltop, in a ...

Objektnummer: EES0808
Zimmer: 4
Wohnfläche: 210,00m²
Grundstück: 15.740,00m²
Lage: Gers(F) Frankreich

Preis: 470.000,00 € ~ 425.773,00 £ ~ 550.699,00 $

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... quiet rural setting.
1.5 km from the main road D 632 and 7 km from L'Isle-en-Dodon with the main shops.
There are restaurants, supermarkets and cafes with the market on Saturday. Lombez and Samatan are 10 km with all facilities and market in Samatan on Monday.
The Château de Barbet golf course is 10 min.
Travel time: 55 minutes to Toulouse / Blagnac (airport), the distance is 60 km.. Auch is 40 km away and Spain is only 85 km. The ski slope St. Lary can be reached in 1.5 hours.
This optimally insulated villa has an indoor garage. The roof / gutter construction is consistent with two layers special decorative stones (Génoise 2 rows). The windows and exterior doors are made of wood (à base de bois exotique Lasure teinte chêne) and an ornamental stone frame with sills toe
(Le design des lignes contemporaines épurées ou l'authenticité de la Vieille Pierre).
The tiled terraces are equipped with pillars trims (Chapiteau Béton), where bows are placed on what the whole confers a special character.
The quality of this villa impresses on all levels.
This also applies to typical issues as the luxury windows with double insulation glass with brass placed between the glass panes.
The interior doors are solid wood and teak parquet flooring in the living room and office / ( bedroom ).
The high-quality finish of the door moldings and ceilings make it all off, even through all the floors are tiled and there are multiple dimmers and recessed spotlights are placed.
Living room:
This luxurious accommodation consists of a princely 55 sqm living room with fireplace.
The space is equipped with recessed spotlights with dimmers. Also handy is the built-in cupboard.
From this room go three double doors to the terraces and the conservatory. A paved terrace, 44 sqm, separated by a low stone wall of 65 cm high, covered, facing south, has two awnings of every 5 m.
The second tiled terrace, 25 sqm, located on the south / east.
The conservatory of 10 m² with T.V. connection, electric wall convection heater and awning of 5 meters, overlooking the Pyrenees and the pool.
Living kitchen:
A large kitchen 36 sqm with built-in appliances; dishwasher, oven, microwave and two refrigerators.
There is a double sink and a close-in hot-water boiler, a red copper hood with a extractor above the gas cooking.
There is also a wood stove (Vermont Castings Encore type).
From this kitchen will open doors to a terrace of 15 sqm.
The terrace faces east and is surrounded by a low stone wall of 80 cm with removable transparent polycarbonate sheets.
There is a large hall with a tiled floor decoration, toilet (hanging) with fountain, air extraction and outside window.
A utility room of 6 sqm with a gas boiler / hot water, sink and worktop.
There is room for a washer, dryer and deep freezer, there is also air extraction.
Ground floor:
The master bedroom, 15 sqm with a dressing room of 6 sqm which includes the electric hot water boiler.
A superior bathroom 9 sqm with a Jacuzzi, walk-in shower with massage jets, double sinks, toilet (hanging), adjustable air extraction. An office / ( bedroom) of 7 sqm and an attic storace space.
The garage is indoor 22 sqm,  with a firebreak door to the hall and an attic storace space.
Upstairs are two bedrooms each 4 x 3.30 m. each with two wardrobes, there is a separate toilet (hanging) with fountain, and useful is the built storage cabinet.
The 4m² bathroom has double sinks and a shower with mechanical air extraction.
Electric gate - intercom  / video, lighting patios,  three outdoor water taps and div. power points.
Rainwater collection tanks with pump and two taps.
The villa on the hilltop is only accessible through an electric gate with video and intercom.
Het terrain is surrounded by a natural hedge with, among others gorse, which hinders access to the outside to the area of 15.740 sqm.
With a driveway of 50 m. which is marked by trees and a lavender border.
Above the villa there is a parking for several cars.
The 1.6 hectares is partly meadow and a forest of oak trees, it delivers fireplace and stove wood, there is also a trail through the woods.
The big meadow is suitable for keeping horses or ponies.
Vegetable garden with various fruit trees and berry bushes.
The ornamental garden with lawn, flower beds and oleanders connects to the terraces.
The pool 11 x 5 m. with roman steps, large sand filter and a Polaris robot, automatic water level control with overflow, lighting and outdoor shower, followed by a terrace of 3.5 x 5.5 m., surrounded by an oleander hedge that's a whole provides mediterranean flair.
Barn (three pieces) with a total area of 40 sqm
Garaging 15 sqm (carport) for car or caravan or change into a horse stable.
Central heating with a boiler Buderus Logamax at Primagaz, 3000L tank, electric water heater 200L, well-approved septic tank, div. smoke detectors.
Internet ADSL via the telephone line or a satellite connection, excellent mobile reception, two satellite dishes for TV reception, there are multiple connection points
All opening windows have insect screens.
The villa has two adjustable mechanical exhaust units for the kitchen, toilets, pantry, bathroom, bedroom and dressing room.
Lockable air supply channels for the fireplace and wood stove.
There is a connection to possibly a gas block in the fireplace.
The indoor garage can be rebuilt to an additional bedroom with a bathroom.
contact : Etta Stockbauer 0033.

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